Healthcare Professional Guidance


This page is a resource platform to offer healthcare professionals guidance within the Humber and North Yorkshire region.

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Faecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT)

The Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) has become a key test in helping to diagnose colorectal cancers (CRC) at an early stage. It has become the standard test used in the bowel cancer screening programme (replacing FOBt) and is now an essential tool in the risk assessment and management of people with worrying bowel symptoms.

In Humber and North Yorkshire, we are facing significant backlog and delays in diagnosing and treating CRC patients. Consistent use of FIT in these patients in Primary Care might help direct them to the most appropriate diagnostic services and onward management and treatment, including future rapid Straight to Test pathways.

This guideline is intended to be used by GPs and clinicians managing patients with a suspicion of CRC. The aim of this guideline is to set out the local framework for the use of FIT and to assist Primary Care clinicians in using it to best effect for their patients.

Cancer Care Review Pack

To reflect the changes made to the Cancer Quality Outcome Framework indicators for 2021/22 and 2023/24, the Cancer Care Review pack is now being re-launched and will now include various information and support to help GPs, Social Prescribers and other healthcare professionals to improve the quality and effectiveness of Cancer Care Reviews for patients going forward.

The pack has been condensed to provide information around :

  • What is a Cancer Care Review and its purposes
  • Changes to the Quality Outcomes Framework indicators
  • Cancer Care Review Process Map
  • What Cancer Care Review templates are available
  • Clinical Coding of Cancer Care Patients
  • Methods of contacting a patient or a Cancer Care Review
  • Social Prescribing for Cancer Patients
  • Quality of Life Survey
  • Additional resources and other useful links

Programme Plans

The Humber and North Yorkshire Cancer Alliance plan for 2023-24 shows the objectives for different workstreams, and how success can be measured in achieving those objectives. Ultimately, the goals are working towards transforming the diagnosis, treatment and care for cancer patients in the Humber and North Yorkshire region.

Health Inequalities

The Humber and North Yorkshire Cancer Alliance Cancer Care and Outcomes Health Inequalities Strategy has been developed in partnership with different stakeholders, including patient representatives, population health colleagues, clinical colleagues from primary and secondary care, cancer charities, and representatives from the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector.

This strategy identifies ways to build on the health inequality work already undertaken by the Cancer Alliance, giving further direction and focus of resources to transform the cancer diagnosis and treatment of patients whose lives are affected by inequality within our wider region.