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Stakeholder Updates

16 February 2018 Stakeholder Updates

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As part of the Programme Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy the programme team is keen on keeping the stakeholders in the system well informed on the latest developments. We will do this by sending brief updates systematically to all those involved in delivering the best possible care in cancer services within the Alliance footprint.

The programme this week has:

  • Agreed at the Awareness & Early Diagnosis Programme Delivery Board to support the launch of a tobacco campaign in media in July 2018. The Programme Executive will discuss it on 2nd March and System Board on 12 March
  • Produced in conjunction with West and South Yorkshire Cancer Alliances the Business Case for the roll out of FIT in Yorkshire and the Humber (please see business case enclosed)
  • Agreed to include in this stakeholder update the contact emails of the programme sponsors and programme managers of the 4 main work streams of the HCV Cancer Alliance programme to maximise the opportunity of people to be informed, engaged and linked up with the main activities of the Alliance. These are:
  • Approved the recruitment of 4 Project Managers Band 7 and 1 Project Manager Band 8a. People already working in the health system interested in secondment opportunities please contact the Programme Director Rafael Cicci at [email protected]
  • Invited key stakeholders in the health system to the cancer improvement event on 13/03/18 in 2 Brewery Wharf, Kendell Street, Leeds LS10 1JR organised by NHS England North Region. The event is aimed at Cancer Alliances and GM Cancer Vanguards
  • The aim of the event is to bring a wide range of stakeholders together to build energy for change and co-design an improvement programme that will create a platform to facilitate delivery of mutually identified priorities to bring about the following objectives:
    • A combination of strong stakeholder engagement (formal & informal) to enable change
    • Renewed energy for change
    • Co-production of an outline plan that will be the framework to enable an improvement movement to happen
    • Agreement of identified short and long term outputs and mutual priorities

The HCV Cancer Alliance has 15 places allocated. If you want to participate please email PENNINGTON, Charlotte Pennington ([email protected]) before Friday 23rd February 2018

  • Received confirmation from NHS England in relation to the current position on the use of FIT testing in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer in symptomatic patients
  • This update is ready to view/download on the Cancer Alliances workspace: =DOCCreated1&FID=10820016 (National guidance and documentation > Clinical advice for Alliances) Please cascade to your clinical colleagues as required. If you have any questions about this progress update please contact [email protected]
  • If you have questions about accessing the Alliances workspace on Kahootz please contact Hannah Fox, Pogramme Manager – Cancer Alliances (Strategy & Engagement) National Cancer Programme Operations & Information NHS England Skipton House | 80 London Road | London | SE1 8UG Mobile 07702 408 502
  • Next stakeholder updates will be on:
    • Friday 23 February 2018
    • Friday 02 March 2018

Rafael Cicci

Director – HCV Cancer Alliance Programme

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