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Stakeholder Updates

20th April 2018 Stakeholder Updates

By 20th April 2018June 26th, 2019No Comments

As part of the Programme Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy the programme team is keen on keeping the stakeholders in the system well informed on the latest developments. We will do this by sending brief updates systematically to all those involved in delivering the best possible care in cancer services within the Alliance footprint.

The programme this week has:

  • Discussed with NHSE/I the additional information needed to agree the HCV Cancer Alliance Individual Funding Agreement 2018/19 by 30 April 2018
  • Welcomed Rita Trewartha to the programme team Rita will enhance the delivery capacity of the HCV Cancer Alliance. Rita will lead the Awareness and Early Diagnosis Work stream. In particular, on the production of the HCV FIT Roll Out Business Case, Lung Health Check Programme, Cancer Champions and Primary Care Education
  • Agreed at the Awareness and Early Diagnosis Delivery Board to lunch in September 2018 the anti-tobacco campaign in HCV. The initiative is funded by the HCV Cancer Alliance and Hull Council (the ad is impactful and was successfully run in Manchester). If you want to see the ad please click on the link below.
  • The national Cancer Breach allocation system will come into force on 1st July 2018. If you would like to know how it will affect performance on 62 day standard in your trust you can consult the guidance in the following link:
    • National Cancer Breach Allocation Guidance
  • Initiated the recruitment of a GP primary care lead. Please cascade if you know of a GP within the system that could potentially be interested. Below is the link to the ad
  • Next stakeholder updates will be on:  Friday 27 April 2018  Friday 04 May 2018

Rafael Cicci

Director – HCV Cancer Alliance Programme

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