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Stakeholder Updates

26th January 2018 Stakeholder Updates

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As part of the Programme Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy the programme team is keen on keeping the stakeholders in the system well informed on the latest developments. We will do this by sending brief updates systematically to all those involved in delivering the best possible care in cancer services within the Alliance footprint.

The programme has:

  • Supported the audit of current lung pathway (lead by cancer managers in NLAG, Hull and York)
  • Received comments from Stuart Baugh at the HCV Treatment and Pathways Delivery Group
  • Planned to discuss outcomes of audit and ‘Lung Event’ at Lung Cancer Action Group (Clinical Group) in February with a view to producing an action plan to achieve Optimal Lung Pathway  Supported the audit of current prostate pathway (lead by cancer managers in NLAG, Hull and York)
  • Received initial comments from Iain Chalmers from the HCV Treatment & Pathways Delivery Board
  • Planned to hold further discussions of audit outcomes at the Treatment and Pathways Delivery Board in February
  • Held discussions with secondary care cancer clinical leads regarding the creation of Tumour Site Clinical Groups (TSCG) in cancer site priority pathways (which would include both Lung and Prostate)
  • Discussed costs of running each TSCG per annum which have been estimated to be circa £30k. These figures are being considered by HCV Cancer Alliance
  • Continued to develop the Cancer Dashboard Report
  • Developed first draft of Exception Report for SPAM Group
  • Finalised the training of the first group of cancer champions in North Lincolnshire

“North Lincolnshire Cancer Champions”

  • Supported Macmillan in the promotion of the animated video project aimed at demonstrating the benefits of patient involvement (please see enclosed leaflet)
  • Next stakeholder updates will be on:
    • Friday 02 February 2018
    • Friday 09 February 2018

Rafael Cicci

Director – HCV Cancer Alliance Programme

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