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Stakeholder Updates

2nd March 2018 Stakeholder Updates

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As part of the Programme Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy the programme team is keen on keeping the stakeholders in the system well informed on the latest developments. We will do this by sending brief updates systematically to all those involved in delivering the best possible care in cancer services within the Alliance footprint.

The programme this week has:

  • Held the Diagnostics capacity and demand workshop with stakeholders
  • Prepared the Dashboard Report with validated final numbers for December 2017
  • Agreed at the Programme Executive the HCV Cancer Alliance Commissioning Intentions 2018/19 paper to be discussed at the next System Board on 12 March 2018
  • Received approval from NHS England of the Transformation Funds bid for Living with and Beyond Cancer (LWAB) for the financial year 2018/19
  • Our submission bid for LWAB was for £850k. The submission was approved at 75% for Quarters 1 and 2 of next financial year. So this means: we have secured £531250 for LWAB for the whole year. (Q1 and 2 at 75% plus Q3 and 4 at 50%, assuming worst case scenario for Q3 and Q4 of financial year 2018/19)
  • Received confirmation from NHSE meeting of its Cancer PDG Group this week that there will be a link between 62 day performance and release of TF monies to cancer alliances.
  • The above mentioned group assigned 75% of the TF monies for HCV Cancer Alliance for Q1 and Q2 of financial year 2018/19. This is so because the performance of the HCV Cancer Alliance on the 62 day standard was between 80% and 85% (actual 80.02%) for Q3 of financial year 2017/18.
  • Q3 and Q4 of financial year 2018/19 allocations will be decided according to HCV performance on 62 day standard on the months of May, June and July 2018. Minimum allocation is 50%.
  • Agreed a briefing to constituent CCGs. HCV Cancer Alliance Programme Director scheduled to brief the Joint Commissioning Committee that will meet on 5th March 2018 in Hull.
  • Next stakeholder updates will be on:
    • Friday 09 March 2018
    • Friday 13 April 2018

Rafael Cicci

Director – HCV Cancer Alliance Programme

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