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Cancer Champions

Clare’s story: Being open about cancer

By 12th January 2021January 12th, 2022No Comments

I heard about the Cancer Champion training while attending another course with Macmillan and decided to take part to help raise more awareness of cancer. If you or someone you know is experiencing cancer symptoms, it’s important to deal with it as early as possible, and one of the keys to this is knowledge.

I enjoyed attending a session where everyone shared an interest in raising awareness of cancer and helping people who are affected. The session itself was interesting and well-presented and, while the trainers were friendly, they were also informative.

Since attending, I’ve spoken to a few people about the training and the importance of attending. I’ve also promoted the training on my blog, handed out leaflets about cancer, and shared awareness-raising posts on social media.

If cancer is caught early, treatment can be more successful. That’s why the training is important – it encourages people to have their symptoms checked which, in turn, promotes early diagnosis. Worrying symptoms don’t always mean it is cancer, but getting it checked can alleviate stress.

Cancer was a forbidden word once, but we’ve got to be more open, otherwise, things are brushed under the carpet, and you can’t do that with cancer. Lots of families are affected by cancer, but being open about it can make it less scary.

ClareCancer Champion

Cancer Champions aren’t medically trained, and we don’t use medical jargon, but the training can still help you to promote awareness of cancer. We’re normal people who just want to help others either get an earlier diagnosis or have their worries alleviated sooner.

To find out more about the Cancer Champion Programme or sign up for an upcoming session, please click here.

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