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Experiences of Prostate Cancer shared at Cancer Alliance Focus Group

By 13th June 2019No Comments

In February, the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance facilitated a Prostate Cancer Focus Group event to understand patient experiences from referral, diagnosis, treatment to living with and beyond prostate cancer.

By understanding both positive and negative experiences of the current prostate pathways across the Humber, Coast and Vale area, the Cancer Alliance aim to ensure that any localised pathway steps that currently add value/increase positive patient experience are not lost when implementing against national guidelines.

The Prostate Cancer Journey map provides a picture of the main feedback from the event.

To view the full feedback report, click here.

Thank you to all those who gave up their time to attend this event. If you have been affected by cancer and would like receive updates from the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance or take part in future engagement events, please email [email protected]

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