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Stakeholder Updates

January 2019 Stakeholder Updates

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As part of our communications and stakeholder engagement plans, the Cancer Alliance would like to ensure that our stakeholders are kept informed on the latest news and developments across the Alliance.

Welcome to our new Programme Director

Welcome to our new Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance Programme Director, Lucy Turner.

Lucy joins us on secondment from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, where she was General Manager for the Oncology Clinical Service Unit for two years. Prior to that Lucy was at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for over 12 years in a variety of operational and corporate roles.

Lucy is really looking forward to getting out and about and meeting colleagues across the Cancer Alliance over the coming weeks. Lucy can be contacted by email [email protected] or @HCVCancer

Clinical Leadership Event – Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance –1st February 2019

The second Clinical Leadership Event will take place on 1st February 2019, bringing together Senior Leaders, Chief Executives, Leads from Cancer Services (Primary and Secondary Care), Chief Operating Officers from across the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance area.
The event is for Cancer Alliance stakeholders to take forward a common ambition of what stakeholders want their Cancer Alliance to do now, and in the medium to long term, to improve cancer services and outcomes for patients and take forward The Long Term Plan for the NHS
released on 7th January 2019. In August 2018, Cancer Alliances across the Country were asked by NHS England to support the development of a new plan for the next ten years. The Long Term Plan for the NHS was released on 7th January and has been circulated. Some of the highlights for us, as a Cancer Alliance, include:

  • Diagnose 75% of cancers at stage 1 or 2 by 2028, including lowering the age for bowel screening, rolling out HPV primary screening and extending lung health checks.
  • Roll out new Rapid Diagnostic Centres across the country so patients displaying symptoms of Cancer can be assessed and diagnosed in as little as a day.
  • Introduce a new, faster diagnosis standard which will ensure that patients receive a definitive diagnosis or ruling out of cancer within 28 days.
  • Deliver personalised cancer care for all, giving patients more say over the care they
  • Secure our place at the cutting edge of research, offering genomic testing to all cancer
    patients who would benefit, and speeding up the adoption of new, effective tests

NHSE Cancer in the Long Term Plan

A link to the documents can be found here: NHS Long Term Plan. Cally Palmer, National Cancer Director and others involved in developing the plan talk about it in this link

We are pleased that the plan has captured the feedback from our stakeholder engagement survey that we submitted to NHSE in September – thank you to all stakeholders who contributed. NHS England will now work with us to understand what needs to happen now to make the plan a reality. In collaboration with our Cancer Alliance stakeholders and in partnership with our communities, we look forward to working with our stakeholders to develop our localised plans.

Again, thank you to all our stakeholders who took the time to complete the survey within the timescale. The report from findings from our stakeholders can be read here:

National Cancer Team’s visit to Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance 5th February 2019

David Fitzgerald will be meeting with colleagues from across the Cancer Alliance when he visits the area on 5th February. The visit will take place at The Queens Centre, Castle Hill Hospital and will focus on our plans and vision for our Cancer Alliance. This will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase our work to date and discuss our long term plans.

62 Day Standard and Cancer Transformation Funding

62 Day Recovery Plan
In the latter part of 2018 the Cancer Alliance developed its plan to create a 62 day recovery plan which was submitted to NHS England. We are pleased that the alliance has now been allocated £783,000 which has been allocated across our Provider organisations in the Alliance to deliver a number of initiatives that will have an impact on the 62 day performance target.

NHSE continues to monitor implementation of agreed investments with each of the HCVCA providers.

Awareness and Early Diagnosis Programme

Lung Health Check Programme

Partnership working with Yorkshire Cancer Research is underway regarding development of a HCV Lung Health Check Service. A draft bid for funding is being submitted by end of January 2019 with final submission April/May 2019. Sites for the delivery of the Lung Health Check
Service are to be determined in liaison with CCGs, Public Health and Primary care. A phased approach will be planned, in partnership with the Acute Trusts.

Bowel Screening and qFIT for low risk symptomatic patients

Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) testing for the National Bowel Screening programme will start in April 2019 when everyone eligible for screening will be given a FIT kit. The Alliance is working closely with the Yorkshire and Humber Bowel Screening Team to assess and plan for the expected impact on current services.

FIT testing for low risk symptomatic patients continues to be rolled out to all GP practices within East Riding and Hull CCGs following the success of their local pilot. The learning from this has been shared with North and NE Lincolnshire CCGs who are planning to commence
implementation in the near future.

All Humber, Coast and Vale FIT programmes will form part of discussions at the forthcoming colorectal FIT workshop on 28 February 2019, providing the opportunity for primary and secondary care teams to meet with the Public Health Screening team to develop and plan FIT services in colorectal cancer for the future.

Cancer Champion Programme
Cancer Champion training continues to progress, with over 500 Cancer Champions now trained in awareness and early symptoms of cancer. Feedback from participants so far has been very positive and the team released their first newsletter in December 2018. Click here to read the

The programme, funded by NHSE Transformation monies, is due to end in March. Alternative funding sources are being explored.

If you would like to know more about the Cancer Champion Programme and request training for your teams or services, please get in touch with Sophie or [email protected]

Diagnostics Consolidation Programme:

The procurement process for the radiology workflow solution is progressing and is still on track to award contract in the required timeframe. Completion of the supplier visits to the provider sites to carry out due diligence and ensure their solutions are suitable for the working environment took place in January. We are now progressing to the best and final pricing part of the procurement process. We are working up the KPIs, outputs and milestones that will be included in the contract.

In January we participated in the Yorkshire Imaging Collaboration specialist groups’ workshops and reached an agreement about how to take forward standardisation work in order to maintain collaboration, whilst maintaining our own timescales.

The pathology procurement is also on track to complete as scheduled.

An initial draft of the Board Assurance Framework has been completed and we will be circulating this shortly to identify the key risks in diagnostics both in relation to existing issues and new ones arising from the 10 year plan. This will help us prioritise the work plan and contains categories including: workforce, equipment, changes in clinical pathways or processes, capacity and demand and interdependencies.

We have commenced collection of the list of assets with diagnostics with a view to agreeing a prioritised list across the patch for replacement and repair.

An endoscopy working group is being formed and this will comprise nurses, nurse managers,
colorectal surgeons, service managers, pathology colleagues and reps from YH screening team.
The initial meeting will be held on 05 March at Goole Hospital

Treatment and Pathways Programme

To assist and support the planning and implementation of the Colorectal, Lung and Prostate Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Pathways, stakeholder events continue to be held across each of the pathways.

Colorectal Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Pathway
Clinical Lead: Praminthra Chitsabean (Chitz), York Teaching Hospital NHS FT
Programme Lead: John Hancock, Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance
Project Delivery: Rachel Iveson, Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance

The second Colorectal Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Pathway stakeholder event was held on 11th December. The follow-up event was to progress the implementation of the action plans from the September stakeholder event and share learning from implementation of straight to test pilots.

The event was well attended and supported by a number of clinical and non-clinical staff from
across primary and secondary care across the Alliance.

The next Colorectal workshop, focussing on implementation of Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)
will be held on 28th February 2019, 8.30am – 12.30pm, The Hallmark Hotel, North Ferriby. For
further information please email us at

Lung Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Pathway
Clinical Leads: Stuart Baugh, North Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Trust and: Gavin Anderson, Hull
and East Yorkshire NHS Trust
Programme Lead: John Hancock and Trish Rawnsley, Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance

Action plans have been drawn up and agreed and a further business meeting was held on 21st January to update and discuss issues affecting all organisations across the Alliance including workforce shortages and diagnostics. A further education event is being planned for the end of
April, further details to follow.

Slides from the previous event can be found here:

Prostate Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Pathway
Clinical Lead – Matt Simms, Hull & East Yorkshire NHS Trust
Programme Lead – John Hancock, Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance

Invitations to the next Prostate Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Pathway stakeholder event have gone out. The event is being held on Friday 25th January at The Ropewalk, Barton on Humber.

Living With and Beyond Cancer programme

The Living With and Beyond Cancer programme aims to ensure that patients with cancer or who have finished treatment are enabled to live as well and healthily as possible.)

The Living With and Beyond Cancer programme was successful in bidding for transformation funding to provide the three provider trusts in the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance area with resources for one band 7 and three band 4 posts for twelve months to support the
implementation of risk stratification and the recovery package. Most of the post holders are in place, with the remaining due to start shortly.

All three trusts are making good progress with implementing both aspects of the Living With and Beyond Cancer programme. Risk stratification is already taking place in at least one tumour site at each hospital trust, with more planned to begin early in 2019.

Work is also underway to implement the recovery package across the CCG areas in various ways, especially across the target tumour sites – breast, lung, colorectal and prostate.

The next LW&BC delivery board date is 10th February 2019. To ensure that the voice of those affected by cancer is part of the work-stream, the delivery board is recruiting two patient representatives to join the membership. For further information please contact [email protected]


A copy of the HCV cancer alliance dashboard for the period November 2017 to October 2018 is available by contacting us at [email protected]

Communications and Engagement
The Communications and Engagement Strategy was approved at the Cancer Alliance System Board in November and a detailed implementation plan is being developed through the Communications and Engagement Steering group.

The next Communications and Engagement Steering Group is being held on Monday 28th January 2019.

Website – Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance
Following the successful funding bid to Macmillan Cancer Support, a project delivery group has been set up to oversee the implementation of a new Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance website that will link with the overall Health and Care Partnership website and programmes.
Anyone who would be willing to be involved in supporting this development or would like to comment and suggest content, please get in touch. It is planned that the website will be developed April 2019. Call out for ‘models for the new website – who are willing to be photographed and who work within our cancer services, please do get in touch. We would like people who represent our area and the services we deliver, to feature on the new website.

For further information please get in touch at [email protected]

Patient and Public focus groups for Colorectal and Prostate cancer– 6th February 2019 –Country Park Inn, Hessle
Integral to the rapid diagnostic and assessment pathways work is to ensure that the experience (from referral, diagnosis, treatment through to living with and beyond cancer), of those affected by prostate and colorectal cancer, is understood.

Focus groups are being planned to give patients and the public, from North Yorkshire, the opportunity to take part should they not be able to travel to the event on 6th February.

The Cancer Alliance has organised two focus groups to be held on Wednesday 6th February for anyone who has been affected by Colorectal or Prostate Cancer. We would like to understand both positive and negative experiences of the current pathways, ensuring that any localised
pathway steps which add value/increase positive patient experiences are not lost when
implementing against national guidelines.

Please follow the link for further information and the flyer:

Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance Patient and Public Community Network
The Community and Engagement strategy details a number of objectives which would ensure that those affected by cancer can give feedback, feel listened to and can be involved and influence the priorities and ambition of the Cancer Alliance.

We are delighted that Macmillan Cancer Support has provided funding for the Cancer Alliance to develop a Community Patient Network. The Network is based on a similar model being delivered by the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance, through Healthwatch, Wakefield. The Network aims to work to represent those affected by cancer and involve them in the design of services. Following a successful bid for funding and subsequent requirement to the role of Patient and Public Engagement Officer, to set-up the Community Patient Network, we plan for the Network to start to develop from April 2019.

Social Media – Twitter @HCVCancer
A reminder that Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance uses twitter and our handle is @HCVCancer Please do send content or tag us in to anything you would like us to share or make us aware of.

North Region Cancer Collaboration and Improvement Programme
The North Region Cancer Alliance held an event back in 2018 which identified patient and public involvement as a primary driver for Alliances. It was agreed that building capacity and capability of our cancer workforce, to enable us to deliver good engagement and ensure co-design, was a priority for the Collaboration to take forward.

This work-stream, being led by the Northern Cancer Alliance, has been developed in conjunction with the Patient and Public Engagement Leads across all seven Cancer Alliances. Funding from NHSE has been identified to prioritise supporting the Alliance PPI/engagement leads via a facilitated Action Learning Set and by building the capability and capacity across the region by delivering expert masterclasses. It is expected that this work will commence later this month and further developments will be reported as this takes shape.

Job Opportunities within the Programme Team
The Cancer Alliance currently has the following vacancies within the team. Project Delivery Manager and Project Support Assistant. For further details, please follow the respective links:

Invitation to an important e-cigarette briefing
Up to now, the evidence of the efficacy of e-cigarettes (EC) in helping smokers quit was unclear. Although a number of smokers have reported that they stopped smoking successfully with the help of EC, and there was some evidence from two early trials that cig-a-like EC with nicotine help smokers more than ‘placebo’ EC, no solid evidence of the efficacy of modern EC existed, particularly compared to the efficacy of standard nicotine replacement therapy.

A large RCT has now been completed that compared combination NRT with EC starter packs provided within specialist stop smoking services. The study funders, National Institute of Health Research/Health Technology Assessment, are sponsoring this event to assist with the dissemination of the trial results, to speed up the translation of research into practice.

The event will provide a succinct briefing for Directors of Public Health, commissioners of stopsmoking services, and other stakeholders. It will cover data on EC efficacy up to now, details of the trial results, and how these results may affect current clinical practice. Smoking cessation experts will discuss with the audience practical issues and models of practice that take the new findings into account, to facilitate a consensus on appropriate clinical and commissioning recommendations. We are also pleased to offer advanced sight of some of the findings of PHE’s latest update on the evidence of youth and adult behaviours and the first data on possible impact on smoking related social norms among youth.

To book your ticket for the London event on Thursday 7th February (12-4.30pm) click on:
To book your ticket for the event in Birmingham on Monday 11th February (12.30-4pm), click on:
To book your ticket for the event in York on Tuesday 12th February (12.30-4pm), click on:
After registering you will receive a programme and further directions to the venue. For any general
enquiries please contact Dr Katie Myers Smith – T:0207 882 8245 or email
[email protected]

Please contact us if you no longer wish to receive this monthly communication, if you have received this bulletin and are not on our distribution list and would like to be, or if there is anything you would like to include in future monthly updates. Our email is [email protected]

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