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Stakeholder Updates

July 2018 Stakeholder Updates

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Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance

July 2018 Monthly Update

As part of our communications and stakeholder engagement plans, the Cancer Alliance would like to ensure that our stakeholders are kept informed on the latest news and developments across the Alliance.

National Cancer Alliance Leadership Workshop – 4th June 2018 

Jane Hawkard, SRO and Rafael Cicci, Programme Director and Stuart Baugh, Clinical Lead, attended a Cancer Alliance Leadership Day on 4th June, organised by the NHS England national cancer programme team. Those presenting at the meeting were National Cancer Director, Cally Palmer; David Fitzgerald, National Cancer Programme Director, and Simon Enright, NHS England’s National Director of Communications.

Key themes of the event were the vision for Alliances as cancer system leaders, long-term ambitions for Alliances through to 2021 and also priorities for 2018/2019. Thanks were expressed to everyone across the system working hard around recovery of the 62-day cancer waiting time standard, and it was made clear that priority should continue to be given to achieving this.

Discussion sessions focused on clinical engagement; involving patients in transformation programmes, Alliance governance, public engagement and communications. West Yorkshire and Harrogate Alliance, Northern Cancer Alliance, along with London Cancer Vanguard colleagues, led a workshop sharing their good practice around communications and engagement. Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance have now met with WY&H and Northern CAs and will link closely moving forward to share best ideas and practice through peer support.

NHS Cancer Programme – Self-assessment framework for Cancer Alliances

In 2018/19 the NHS Cancer Programme aims to support alliances develop as system leaders.  To support this, the NHS Cancer Programme has developed a self-assessment framework to collect stakeholder views to inform our future development. As one of nineteen cancer alliances across England, overseen by the NHS England Cancer Programme, we have been asked to complete the self-assessment framework.

A range of criteria have been identified across five domains that have been recognised as key factors in supporting Alliances in delivering meaningful transformation at scale and pace.

This self-assessment framework will allow Cancer Alliances to reflect on their system development to date and to garner feedback from their immediate stakeholders. Through consideration of the criteria, Alliances will build a holistic view of their Alliance as a system, using this framework as a tool to draw out focus areas for future improvement.

How the information will be used and shared
Cancer Alliances will use the framework to support discussions on the key development areas for their Alliance as a system.  The self-assessment framework is not a performance management tool. The detailed returns from local stakeholders are for the Alliance to consider as they wish and we recommend follow-up discussions locally with stakeholder contributors. Summaries from the Alliances’ discussions with regions will be used to shape a national development offer, ensuring this is targeted most usefully to support Cancer Alliances strengthen as systems and deliver impactful change for cancer patients.

We are keen to derive the maximum benefit from this self-assessment and have asked a number of key stakeholders across the Alliance to complete the assessment.  Please could all feedback be sent back to [email protected] by 11th July 2018, thank you.

National Cancer Rehabilitation Pathways

In 2013 the National Cancer Action Team at Macmillan Cancer Support worked to establish the evidence base for cancer rehabilitation and the subsequent interventions which take place at each stage. This pathway is the culmination of that work. The pathways are provided as a guide to the types of rehabilitation interventions which patients may need at different stages.

Following feedback from AHPs across the UK there were many requests that the cancer rehabilitation pathways be available and accessible to all working with those affected by cancer. We have listened to this feedback and bring you the output of phase 1 of a two-phase project. In this phase this version of the cancer rehabilitation pathways has been refreshed (from the original NCAT work described above) with the prime aim of ensuring the pathways are accessible and navigable to healthcare professionals.

Hard copies will be available very soon directly through

Phase 2 of the work will start in July 2018 and will aim to ensure that the pathways link to current national policy and have further content added based on emerging evidence that has developed over the last few years. Please use the following Twitter hashtag: #CancerRehab if you would like to tweet about the pathways.  The live link for the interactive pdf is:

Please feel free to share with colleagues across the Alliance.

Cancer Accelerated Design Events – Summary WebEx

NHS Horizons and NHS England hosted a summary WebEx for delegates who attended the Genomics & the Personalisation of Cancer Care Accelerated Design Events that were held in April and May in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Bristol.

Over 100 people were able to join the session that shared the key themes and proposed 16 recommendations from across the four regional events. These recommendations will be shared with NHS England and Genomics England in the form of national, regional and local action plans so that we can continue to embed genomic analysis into routine cancer care.

If you would like to view the WebEx it has been recorded and you can view it on YouTube here. The slides from the WebEx can be found on Dropbox in this folder.  All of the presentations from the four earlier events are available to view and download on the GMC Network here.

NHS England’s Genomics Implementation Unit There will be delivering more events in the future to ensure delivery on the recommendations.

Awareness and Early Diagnosis Programme

The Awareness and Early Diagnosis Delivery Board met on 15th June.  Key discussions points included:

Gateway C

Gateway C, the Primary Care Education platform, is an on-line learning tool to support primary care clinicians in the diagnosis and management of patients.  A presentation to primary care clinicians, commissioners and other colleagues from across the Alliance, to understand and review Gateway C implementation options, potential opportunity and impact will be made on 11th July, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Mercure Hotel, Willerby. The aim of the presentation will be to:

  • Gain an oversight of the system
  • Understand the background/content and design (by GPs and patients)
  • Look at how it will benefit primary care within HCV and improve the patient experience
  • Put into context where Gateway-C fits into the HCV Programme
  • Consider how it can support GPs and all practice staff (CPD accredited)
  • Influence how we might want to implement it
  • Discuss future of the model and funding post March 2019

If you would like more information on Gateway C or the event, please email us at

Lung Health Check Service

The procurement of the Lung Health Check Service with low dose CT scan is underway with ambition to commence the pilot in October 2018.  Patient and public focus groups to support the development of a social marketing campaign are currently being scoped and location of the Lung Health Check van is being determined but will be placed in a number of areas across the HCV Cancer Alliance.

Cancer Champion Programme

Sophie Lancaster and Emma Lewin our Volunteer Co-ordinators for the Cancer Champion Programme continue to build resources, training and stakeholder networks across the Alliance. This will support the ambition of achieving 400 cancer champions in 2018-2019.  The Volunteer Co-ordinators will commence the delivery of Cancer Champion training to new volunteers over the coming weeks.

Bowel Screening and qFIT: (low risk symptomatic patients)

The implementation business case has now been developed and presented to the Awareness and Early Diagnosis Board in June.  The ambition is to achieve full roll-out by January 2019.

Diagnostics Consolidation Programme:

Demand and Capacity

A key theme to emerge from the demand and capacity work included the need for collaborative approaches to workforce planning and future locations/procurement of kit.

A half day demand and capacity workshop was held on 20th June 2018 at Goole Hospital attended by professionals from across the Alliance were in attendance.  The event was chaired by Wendy Scott, Chief Operation Officer and Programme Sponsor (Diagnostics), York Teaching Hospital NHS FT.  Key messages from the workshop highlighted, not just current gaps, but future demand and capacity gaps over the next five years. Other themes to emerge from the demand and capacity work included the need for collaborative approaches to workforce planning and future locations/procurement of kit and the need to understand the future potential of technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence.

Output from the three workshop groups on the day, are being collated and will be sent out to stakeholders early July.  The Diagnostic Programme Board will discuss the outputs from the workshop, how to progress and next steps, when it meets on 24th July 2018.

Any stakeholder who has not yet had the opportunity to input in to this programme of work, who would like to, please do get in touch with Mikki Golodniski, Diagnostics Programme Lead at [email protected]

Network Model Plans

As reported in June’s Monthly Update, the Alliance has worked in partnership with North West London Cancer Alliance to   carry out initial market engagement with potential suppliers as part of the pre-procurement stage of the networked model of Radiology reporting.  Further market engagement at a local level is now underway and will establish the readiness of the market and ensure expectations are realistic.  The HCV Cancer Alliance is sharing the learning and experiences from this programme of work with other Cancer Alliances with similar aspirations in order that the best possible service can be delivered across Cancer Alliances.

A national professional advisory panel with HCV representation is supporting the process and will further help to set expectations and advise on the state of the market. At this point, procurement is expected to be commence end of July/early August with a view to award a contract December 2018/January 2019.


The procurement process for Pathology will commence September with the approach to standardisation being replicated from the radiology procurement.

Treatment and Pathways Programme

RAPID pathways for Lung, Colorectal and Prostate are significant precursors to delivering the 62 day operational performance targets.

HCV CA is establishing processes to deliver locality and HCV implementation plans which show demonstrable progress towards developing the RAPID pathways.

Lung Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Pathway

To assist this programme, Rita Trewartha from Attain will be providing additional support to the HCV Cancer Clinical Lead for the Lung Pathway working with John Hancock, Programme Lead for the Treatment and Pathways programme and Gavin Anderson, Clinical Lead for the diagnostic and assessment part of the pathway, Hull & East Yorkshire NHS FT.

Prostate Diagnostic and Assessment Pathway

To assist this programme, Beverley Futia, from Attain will be providing additional support, working again, with John Hancock and Matt Simms, Clinical Lead, Hull & East Yorkshire NHS FT.

Colorectal Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Pathway

John Hancock, Treatment and Pathways Programme Lead to the HCV Cancer Alliance will be leading the work on this work with Chitsabean Praminthra (Chitz), Clinical Lead.

To assist and support the planning and implementation of the Colorectal Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Pathway across the Health and Care Partnership (formerly STP) footprint, a stakeholder event is planned for 13th September, venue and location to be confirmed.  The purpose of the event is to progress implementation of the Colorectal Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment pathways across Humber Coast and Vale in a way that supports collaborative working.

Stakeholder events for Lung and Prostate pathways are also being considered and stakeholders will be invited once timings and location have been established.

Lung and Prostate Webex

A webex is being delivered on 14 July re timed pathways for Lung and Prostate Cancer for more information [email protected]


A copy of the HCV cancer alliance dashboard for the period May 2017 to April 2018 is available by contacting us at [email protected]

Communications and Engagement:

A HCV Cancer Alliance Communications and Engagement strategy will be developed and presented to the Cancer Alliance System Board Autumn 2018.  A Communications and Engagement Delivery group, with key stakeholders across the Alliance footprint, has been set-up to develop the strategy and supporting delivery plan.  The strategy and delivery plan will set out how we will engage and communicate with our patients, public, staff and other key stakeholders.

For further information and to be involved in the development of the strategy and future programme of work, please get in touch at [email protected]

Other updates/events:

Support Assistant Vacancies within the Cancer Alliance

The Cancer Alliance is currently advertising for support assistants to join our Awareness and Early Diagnosis Programme and also our Treatment and Pathways Programme.  For further information, please cut and paste the link below into your web browser or access via NHS East Riding CCG on  Closing date is 15th July 2018

Be Clear on Cancer – Blood in Pee Campaign

The Be Clear on Cancer ‘Blood in Pee’ campaign is being re-run by Public Health England from 19th July to 23rd September 2018. The aim is to raise public awareness of visible haematuria which is a key symptom of bladder and kidney cancer – and encourage those who notice this symptom to see their GP. The campaign will particularly target men and women aged over 50 in lower social and economic backgrounds. The theme will be ‘owning the pee break’ – an ideal time at which to raise awareness of the importance of taking action.

You can find out more about the campaign and order free campaign resources – including resources for display in washrooms – from the Public Health England Campaign Resource Centre. Washroom packs can be ordered via: (

If you have a number of settings you would like to order, please email [email protected]

Yorkshire Cancer Patient Forum

The Yorkshire Cancer Patient Forum is an independent organisation representing a voice for people affected by cancer in Yorkshire and Humber.

The Forum held its AGM on 29th June in Leeds where the launch of a Community Panel funded by the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance took place.  Hosted by Healthwatch Wakefield the Cancer Alliance Community Panel will bring together volunteers to form a panel from cancer survivors, carers and members of the public who have an interest in cancer services.  The panel aims to improve cancer care by working closely with the WY&H Cancer Alliance to support a broad number of work-streams including Living with and Beyond Cancer and Prevention and Early Diagnosis.  Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance has made links with the Community Panel and plans to work closely with the Panel and Cancer Alliance to establish if this model of patient and public involvement could be replicated in the HCV CA area.

10 Steps to Even Better Patient Engagement – 20th September 2018

Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance have arranged for Gillian Driscoll of the Nursing Directorate at NHS England to deliver a training session for colleagues across the area. The session will help support staff to involve patients and the public in their work in a meaningful way to improve services, including giving clear advice on the legal duty to involve. I would encourage staff to take advantage of this training session which is free to colleagues across the Alliance. For more information and to book your place, please email

Sage and Thyme workshop

Cancer Alliance staff are offered a free 3 hour workshop which is being run on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support.  This course is open to professionals, volunteers, and the wider cancer workforce.

Learning Objectives:

  • A memorable structured way for getting into and out of a conversation
  • How to empower patients/carers who are worried or distressed
  • Communication skills that are evidence-based

20th July, Sheffield (9.30 – 12.30) or (13.30 – 16.30)

20th September, Leeds (13.30 – 16.30)

Yorkshire and Humber Leadership Academy – New System Change Consulting Skills Programme announced

The network of Northern Leadership Academies in the North East, North West and Yorkshire and the Humber have collaborated to offer an in-place programme for leaders tasked with transformational change within the system. This programme has been designed to challenge and support leaders to develop their confidence, skills and mindset to work in a ‘change consultant’ capacity when engaging in organisational, cross-organisation and system change transformation and programmes of work.

Senior healthcare professionals working on a transformational change project or leading/supporting a strategic, complex system change are invited to apply. Alternatively, you may be a senior OD/HR or transformation professional working in and/or supporting others with transformational change projects.

Please see further information on our website by copying the link in to your browser and submit your application by 25 July or contact Amanda Reszczysnki.

Please contact us if you no longer wish to receive this monthly communication, if you have received this bulletin and are not on our distribution list and would like to be, or if there is anything you would like to include in future monthly updates.  Our email is [email protected]

The next monthly stakeholder communication update will be 3rd August 2018


Rafael Cicci

Director – Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance


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