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Awareness and Early Diagnosis

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By 2nd October 2019No Comments

October is breast cancer awareness month, so we ask you to help raise awareness of the signs and symptoms we need to talk to our GP about. The signs and symptoms to look out for include:

  • a new lump or area of thickened tissue in either breast
  • a change in the size or shape of the breast(s)
  • bloodstained nipple discharge
  • a lump or swelling in your armpit(s)
  • dimpling on the skin of your breasts
  • a rash on or around your nipple

Breast cancer can also affect men, with the main symptom being a lump in the breast. Men should also talk to their GP if the nipple or skin around it changes, including an inverted nipple (the nipple is turning inwards), a sore or rash on the nipple, or discharge from the nipple. You should also see your GP about swollen glands in your arm pit.

Early diagnosis saves lives, so act now and talk to your GP if you have any signs or symptoms that you are worried about.

For more information visit the NHS breast cancer pages.

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