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Cancer Champions

David’s story: Cancer knowledge at work

By 11th January 2021January 12th, 2022No Comments

While reading a force bulletin about a year ago, I spotted an advert for a Cancer Champion Awareness Session and decided to get involved for two reasons. Firstly, I sadly lost my mother to cancer around 20 years ago so have a personal experience of the illness. Secondly, I now work as a Crisis Negotiator, which means I sometimes speak to people in crisis because of cancer and other conditions.

The session was relevant, informative, but still informal. There was no pressure involved and it gave me an insight into how cancer can affect people in different ways.

Gaining a better understanding of cancer has allowed me to give help, support, and advice to people who find themselves in a difficult situation. I’ve been able to show them someone who they can turn to, who understands their concerns, and can demonstrate how to deal with the issues they’re facing.

Being a Cancer Champion is about being there as a friend, a family member, a colleague. It’s important to be aware of cancer for our own welfare, too. We need to understand changes and signs in our own bodies so we can deal with them.

As someone personally and professionally affected by cancer, I’d love for our area to set the beacon for cancer awareness, so other regions can follow.

Want to find out more about how you can get involved? Click here.

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