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Cancer Champions

Jo’s story: Improving screening uptake

By 11th January 2021January 12th, 2022No Comments

I first heard about Cancer Champion training when looking at ideas for my research fellowship at Hull York Medical School.

Having recently moved to Yorkshire, I was keen to learn about cancer within the Humber, Coast and Vale region and signed up for a face-to-face session.

The training took place in December 2019 and helped me to not only understand local statistics of cancer, but also the early signs of cancer and three national screening programmes.

Jo, a research fellow at Hull York Medical School.

I remember being surprised by the statistics shared. I knew 1 in 2 people would experience cancer in their lifetime, however, I was shocked to see how many cancers were diagnosed at a late stage.

The training influenced my decision to focus my research fellowship on improving uptake of screening across Yorkshire and ignited a passion in supporting earlier diagnoses – I feel proud to be part of a programme that is empowering people to have potentially life-saving conversations.

After someone told me they were nervous about attending their first cervical screening appointment, I was able to reassure them and reinforce the importance of attending. It’s small moments like that which could help to make a big difference to someone’s outcome.

To find out more about the Cancer Champion Programme, please click here.

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