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Treatment and Pathways

Treatment and Pathways – Colorectal Business Meeting

By 18th September 2019September 30th, 2019No Comments

On 17th September 2019, Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance (HCV CA) held a Colorectal Business Meeting for clinicians and managers across the locality.

The agenda included updates from the Cancer Alliance and discussions around FIT implementation for low risk symptomatic patients across the area, which will be rolled out in HCV region by December 2019, the development of Inter-Provider Transfers guidelines for colorectal cancer patients, final details for the HCV Colorectal Operational Policy, Rapid Diagnostic Pathways and the implementation and streaming of MDT guidelines.

It was also noted that HCV CA recently took part in a nation evaluation and monitoring programme that CADEAS are running. This is the monitoring and progress of implementation of NICE DG30 guidance and HCV CA contributed through an interview, which will be published as part of a national evaluation next year.

Praminthra Chitsabesan, Colorectal Clinical Lead for HCV CA, chaired the event and said:

“Working more closely in a collegiate and co-operative way is important. Together, we aim to improve cancer care throughout the whole process – right from a patient who may or may not have symptoms, through to primary and tertiary care.

It’s not only important to improve our ability to cure patients but also to improve their abilities to live with cancer, making work around palliation and supportive care just as vital.

To this end we are trying to develop a Humber, Coast and Vale operational policy for colorectal cancer that is agreed across the whole patch and the response to the initial document at this meeting has been very good. It has allowed us to set out a stall for what we think is great care while allowing us to finesse our processes.”

A further colorectal business meeting will be held in December 2019 and will continue to build on the work plan.

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