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Personalised Care

Embedding Personalised Care for Haematology Cancer Patients

By 19th February 2020No Comments


York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

A recent National Cancer Patient Experience Survey reported that 30% of haematology patients at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (YTHFT) had been given a care plan. In response, the Living With and Beyond Cancer team at YTHFT launched an Improvement Collaborative project which aims to increase the number of care plans being offered to haematology cancer patients.

A process mapping session with key stakeholders showed the Living With and Beyond Cancer team how Holistic Needs Assessments (HNA) were currently being offered to patients. Being able to establish key areas for improvement allowed the team to work with haematology staff to formulate and create a clinic which offered all newly diagnosed cancer patients an electronic Holistic Needs Assessment (eHNA) and development of a care plan.

A HNA is a questionnaire that helps to identify a person’s needs and concerns. It informs the development of a personalised care and support plan.

Christine Norris, Cancer Improvement and Performance Manager at YTHFT, said: “Prior to the project the cancer nurse specialist would consider who would benefit most from completing a HNA. Through the project, we are now offering all patients who are diagnosed with haematological cancer the opportunity to complete an eHNA and develop a care plan to suit their needs.”

Qualitative and quantitative data was recorded to measure the impact of the project and every patient that received a care plan was also given a questionnaire which asked about their HNA experience.

Bianca Cipriano, Macmillan Project Manager at YTHFT, said:

“With the patient feedback, we are working closely with the Haematology team to look at how we can keep continuing to improve the experience of the patient.”

The video used to present the project at a NHS Cancer Improvement Collaborative event provides more information about the project:

To find out more about Holistic Need Assessments, please click here.

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