Help Us Help You

NHS England has launched a Help Us Help You campaign that aims to encourage people who are experiencing potential signs of cancer to contact their GP practice.

The campaign is designed to address the key barriers to people seeking help, the fear around cancer diagnosis, and the importance of body awareness when it comes to bodily changes that could be a sign of cancer.

Anyone experiencing potential symptoms of cancer, such as a cough for three weeks or more, unexplained weight loss, blood in your poo, or an unexplained lump, will then be encouraged to contact their GP practice. Reminding people that until you find out, you can’t rule it out.

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Upcoming events

Throughout September, Humber and North Yorkshire Cancer Alliance will be visiting community locations to speak with members of the public about the importance of being body vigilant to help spot signs of cancer early.

The Cancer Alliance will be at community locations across Humber and North Yorkshire, including supermarkets and shopping centres

Tuesday 5th September – North Point Shopping Centre, Hull (10am – 4pm)

Wednesday 13th September – Morrisons Scunthorpe (10am – 4pm)

Wednesday 20th September – ASDA in East Marsh, Grimsby (9am – 3pm)

Sunday 24th September – The Artist Garden, York (10am – 5pm)

Wednesday 27th September – The Promenades Shopping Centre, Bridlington (10am – 4pm)

Monday 25th September – Morrisons Scarborough (10am – 4pm)

Volunteers at all of the upcoming engagement stands have received free Cancer Champions training, meaning they are aware of the early symptoms of cancer and can talk to people about the importance of early diagnosis.

I’m worried I have cancer – what should I do next?

In this video, Dr Tami Byass, a GP from Eastgate Medical Practice in Hornsea, explains what to do if you are experiencing potential symptoms of cancer.

For more information on cancer signs and symptoms, go to

Simon’s story

The campaign is also reassuring people that getting tested for cancer could help to put their mind at rest. More than 90% of people in Humber and North Yorkshire who were referred for urgent tests for cancer in 2021/22 found out they did not have cancer.

Simon Middleton, who is 50 years old and lives in York, had his mind put at ease after potential symptoms of prostate cancer prompted him to contact his GP practice. Simon said: “I started to notice I was frequently getting up during the night needing to go to the toilet, which was unusual for me.

“After speaking with a colleague who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer about his symptoms, I decided to book in with my GP and became nervous about what they might find.

“I was quickly given an appointment and went on to have blood and urine tests. My prostate was also checked. Thankfully, all was clear and my GP recommended swapping caffeine for decaf, which made a huge difference.”

“I am glad I did not let my fear of having cancer stop me from getting checked. The process was much simpler than I thought it would be and having peace of mind was well worth it.”


Free Cancer Champions training

People living in Humber and North Yorkshire can learn more about the signs and symptoms of cancer by signing up to a free Cancer Champions awareness session.

The free sessions virtual and face-to-face training sessions teach people about the key facts, statistics, symptoms, and screenings linked to a number of cancers.

Find out more and book your place here.

Supporting information

Leaflets for this campaign are available to download in multiple languages and easy read versions: